Friday, 15th of November 2019
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 17th July 2018

Present:          Mr R Pugh – Chair (County Councillor), Mr P Seaman, Mrs E Lee,

Miss J Tamblyn, Mr J Williams, Miss S Cave, Mr D Pugh, Mr P Bartram,

Mrs R Karensa, Mr P Meatyard, Mrs L Rigler (Clerk)


The Chair welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting.

  1. Apologies



Attending members of the public were welcomed to the meeting.

Maintenance Work around the Village/Gardening Club – Ms Katie Sperring-McLeod reported that a meeting has been held and areas of the village to be ‘tidied’ have been identified.  Cormac need to be contacted to ensure that health and safety paperwork is in order.  A bid will possibly be submitted to the Fursdown wind turbine fund for tools, flowers etc.  The Chair thanked Ms Sperring-McLeod, also mentioning how nice the Millennium Green is looking.

Planning application PA18/03338 – Mr A Facey expressed his concerns over the access onto the busy main road.  He also added that there are no toilet facilities at a similar project at Pentiddy, Pensilva.  Mr and Mrs Godfrey also expressed their concern about the access, adding that they felt the location was too remote with no public transport.

Payments to Parish Councillors – following a question from Mr A Facey, the Chair confirmed that receipts would need to be shown from Parish Councillors for their expenses such as ink, paper etc.

Cornwall Council investments – Mr A Facey raised the question of why Cornwall Council is investing in areas such as the space port, housing etc.  The Chair replied that Cornwall Council would make a return on the investment into housing.  With regard to the space port, Cornwall was chosen because of its direct access to the Atlantic, the long runway and the fact that there is not a congested air space.  By 2020, 1000 jobs could be created.

Potholes – Mr P Hooper thanked the Chair for arranging the visit by Mr Paul Allen.  However, Mr Hooper expressed concern that when it does start raining again the water run off from the road will damage one of his fields near Carwen. The Chair agreed to follow up with Mr P Allen.

Police – an email was received from PSCO Cocks following the meeting stating that from 01/06/18 – 30/06/18 there were 2 crimes including a criminal damage and a wildlife crime.


Mr J Williams proposed that the minutes be accepted.  This was seconded by Mrs R Karensa.  The Chair signed the minutes.


  • Maintenance work around the village – as above.
  • Meadow Road signage – this has been completed.
  • Drains below Bury Down – Clerk to follow up.
  • Potholes – these have been repaired.
  • Japanese knotweed – it was noted that some has been destroyed whereas some has just been cut back.  Chair to follow up.
  • Water heater in shop – this has now been replaced.
  • Shop – permission was given for the purchase of a new mop and bucket.


Correspondence was noted.  With regard to correspondence relating to the electoral review, the Chair explained that because the number of county councillors will be reducing from 123 to 87, areas will need to be altered.  It has recently been proposed that Lanreath be include in the Lostwithiel Community Network Area rather than Liskeard/Looe.  However this would still mean that Lanreath could attend both of the CNA meetings. The Chair stated that he would endeavour to keep Lanreath within the Liskeard/Looe CNA.


  • PA17/11182 Proposal Re-submission of PA17/00819 - Retrospective application for agricultural    buildings for the purpose of housing livestock. Location Tresawson Lanreath Looe Cornwall Applicant Mr Thomas Tolputt – the Parish Council is still unable to make a decision due to lack of the environmental report.
  • PA18/03338 Proposal Change of use from Agricultural land to Interment site with Memorial development, associated toilet block and car parking area. Location Land North-East Of Penadlake Farm Nr Lanreath Looe PL13 2PG Applicant Mrs Susan Joanne Hearn Kernow Special Memories

Mrs Hearn was welcomed to the meeting and permitted to answer questions.  Following a lengthy discussion, Mr Seaman proposed that the application be approved but with conditions attached.  These conditions would be:-

  1. To remove the toilets and lighting
  2. To plant trees to fill in gaps created by cutting back of hedges
  3. Wooden field gate to be at entrance to site
  4. Flat or 6” high plaques/stones
  5. Speed of traffic on main road to be mentioned in disclaimer given to users of site.

This proposal was seconded by Mr Williams and councillors voted 8:2 in favour.


Nothing to report.


Mr D Pugh proposed that the Parish Council investigate its own website.  This was seconded by Miss S Cave and agreed by those present.  Clerk to write to other users of the website. *


It was agreed that the name of house numbers 11 – 14 Valley Close be changed to Old School Row.


Clerks salary and expenses- July                  £274.40

Clerks salary and expenses – August            £

Mrs Anderson                                                 £200.00

Village Hall                                                      £  14.00

D Hilton - July                                                 £  10.00

D Hilton – August                                            £  10.00

D Hilton PAYE - July                                      £  63.60

D Hilton PAYE – August                                 £

B Harper                                                          £  84.00

Parish Councillors                                           £  25.00 each expenses = £250

South West Water                                          £  30.99

Lanreath Lifestyle                                           £  65.00

Lanreath Lifestyle                                           £  15.00


Bank Balance

      Current Account                £  423.88

            Deposit Account          £3488.92                   

            Treasurers Account    £      2.24



Mrs E Lee proposed that the cheques be paid on block and that £1500 be transferred. This was seconded by Miss J Tamblyn and agreed by those present.


Cllr Pugh reported on the following:

  • A resident of Herodsfoot will be attending the Remembrance Service in London, representing the village whose soldiers all came back from both world wars
  • Need to mention any cutting back of trees to Enforcement prior to taking action
  • Meeting has been held with potential buyer of the Punch Bowl
  • Positive Parking Framework to be introduced where there will be barriers and payment will be taken on exit
  • Cornwall chosen as home for Space Port.


Mr Bartram queried whether the clock on the Millennium building was in working order.  Mr Meatyard agreed to check.


14. Any Other Business

Rally Club is now leased from the Village Hall on a 6 month lease. Applying for 12 months in the future.


15. Public Participation

No additional items


16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 18th September 2018 at 7.30pm. 




* Following email correspondence subsequent to the meeting, Mrs Rachel Facey has come forward to act as webmaster of the existing website.  This offer has been accepted.  Therefore the existing Lanreath website will continue.



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