Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council




Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 19th June 2018


Present:          Mr R Pugh – Chair (County Councillor), Mrs E Lee, Miss J Tamblyn,

Mr J Williams, Miss S Cave, Mr D Pugh, Mr P Bartram, Mrs R Karensa,

Mr P Meatyard, PCSO S Cocks, Mrs L Rigler (Clerk)


The Chair welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting.  A special welcome was made to newly appointed Parish Councillor, Mr Paul Meatyard.  There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Mr P Seaman.


Attending members of the public were welcomed to the meeting.

Police – PCSO Cocks reported that from 1st May to 31st May, there had been 6 crimes within the parish.  3 crimes had been criminal damage, including damage to  communication masts and a garden fence.  There had been one theft at a holiday complex, a communication crime and one case of harassment.  Numerous patrols have been carried out and all has been found to be in order.  On questioning, PCSO Cocks did not feel that the numbers of incidents of fly tipping had increased.

Maintenance Work around the Village/Gardening Club – Ms Katie Sperring-McLeod was welcomed to the meeting.  It was agreed that there is an obvious need around the village for some areas to be tidied.  Ms Sperring-McLeod will identify the work that needs to be done, ascertain who is responsible for those areas and whether the gardening club could take over those areas.  The Chair added that Cornwall Council may be able to help out with tools etc.  Mr D Pugh stated that Kalamazag Nursery are happy to donate plants.  It was agreed that Ms Sperring-McLeod and Mrs Marion Facey liaise to create the gardening club.

Planning application PA18/03338 – Mr and Mrs Godfrey were welcomed to the meeting.  Mr Godfrey stated that they were concerned over the long term future of this development and whether there would be any expansion.  The Chair advised that the Parish Council can only comment on the application as it stands currently.  Mrs Godfrey stated that Mrs Hearn’s report commented on a bus service but this does not stop near the proposed development.  Mrs Godfrey also commented on the poor visibility onto the main road and also the speed of the traffic.  Mr A Facey also voiced his concerns around the access of the site onto the main road.

Shop – Mrs Rawlins was welcomed to the meeting.  Unfortunately the shop still does not have any hot water.  The Chair will contact Mr Max Facey.  Shop AGM date has been arranged for 18th July.

Village Hall – Mrs Rawlins reported that the £1000 has been awarded from Bocaddon Wind Turbine.  Two quotes have been received and further quotes will be sought.  Fund raising is commencing with a Big Breakfast arranged for 19th August and a car boot sale on 7th October.

Rally Club – Mrs Rawlins reported that there had been a meeting between the Chair of the  Social Club and the Chair of the Village Hall to explain that the officers from the Rally Social Club wish to step down.  A meeting was then called by the Village Hall officers and trustees.  It was apparent from the Social Club accounts that there were not enough funds in reserve to trade for a further year.  It was agreed that the Village Hall would not renew the agreement with the Rally Social Club and this will end on 30th June 2018.  A third party has shown an interested in leasing the space.  Following a further meeting letters were sent out to Rally club members explaining the situation and proposing the dissolution.  Members can vote either by post or attend a meeting on 30th June.  Should 75% of the membership agree to the dissolution, then it will go ahead.  All debtors will be paid and members will be reimbursed.  Any monies left over will go to the Village Hall.  Discussions with the third party will take place regarding left over stock, furnishings and fittings etc..  It is hoped that the third party will take over on 1st July.

Braddock School – the Chair advised that rumours that Braddock School would close were false.  Parents have been advised that if the school had carried on as it was, then it would be in special measures.  A meeting has been held advising that the school has a plan to address this.

Village Pump – Mr A Facey wished to congratulate Messrs Meatyard and Furzer on their work on improving the village pump.


Miss S Cave proposed that the minutes be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr D Pugh.  The Chair signed the minutes.


  • Maintenance work around the village – as above.
  • Meadow Road signage – this has been promised for Wednesday 28th June 2018.
  • Drains below Bury Down – nothing further to report.  Clerk to follow up.
  • Potholes – Mrs Lee reported that there are potholes at Woodsaws Cross.  The Chair replied that these had been shown to Mr Paul Allen and it was stated that these were not deep enough to be repaired.  The potholes at Trebant have been addressed.


Correspondence was noted. 


  • PA17/11182 Proposal Re-submission of PA17/00819 - Retrospective application for agricultural    buildings for the purpose of housing livestock. Location Tresawson Lanreath Looe Cornwall Applicant Mr Thomas Tolputt – the Parish Council is still unable to make a decision due to lack of the environmental report.
  • PA18/03338 Proposal Change of use from Agricultural land to Interment site with Memorial development, associated toilet block and car parking area. Location Land North-East Of Penadlake Farm Nr Lanreath Looe PL13 2PG Applicant Mrs Susan Joanne Hearn Kernow Special Memories – Miss S Cave stated that the concerns raised at the May meeting have not been addressed fully by Mrs Hearn.  It was felt that further explanation was needed around the following:-
  1. Access onto the B road from the point of view of visibility and also the speed of traffic along that road. Concerns that as  traffic travels so fast down the B road, an error of judgement by someone elderly or upset by having just interred a loved one's ashes might have disastrous consequences The Chair added, however, that Highways do not consider there to be a problem,
  2. Lighting – If solar lighting is used, then as it cannot be controlled very well, there might be a situation where a visitor is left tripping over memorials in the dark or else the site is lit well after visiting hours, perhaps enticing unwelcome guests/ squatters especially if they see a toilet block as well. If the gate is not locked securely, caravans could even end up there. My solar lighting cannot be controlled successfully. 
  3. Escorts – These are envisaged for the actual interments which are obviously pre-arranged. However, for impromptu visits later, people will just turn up and if the site is locked up may well leave the car in the lane and clamber over the gate rather than arrange a visit via West Wayland. Also short notice escort provision may well cause a problem for the owner.
  4. Outstanding concerns from Police, Fire and Rescue Service and SWW have been noted but not resolved.  Evaluation Trenching requested by Historical Environment Planning might require alterations to the proposals.
  5. Environmental Plan – still concerns
  6. Would like to know number of interments there would be
  7. Measurements of the toilet block – plans state 6m height
  8. Plaques only or memorials, e.g. bird bath, also.  Understand highest will be around 3’.
  9. Screening – what is planned as some trees may take years to reach a suitable height.

The Chair advised that Planning Officers would use Policy 1 of the Local Development Plan, ‘Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development’.

Following discussion it was proposed by Miss S Cave that this application be deferred until more information is received.  This was seconded by Mrs R Karensa and agreed by those present.  The Chair will endeavour to visit the natural burial site at Pensilva to compare.  It was further agreed that Mrs Hearn be asked to attend the July meeting.

  • PA17/11594 - Woodsaws Farm, Lanreath – the Chair reported that this has been refused.  This application is now back with the applicant’s agent to come forward with a proposal to remove the conditions.


Nothing to report.


It was agreed that an advertisement be placed in the Newsletter asking for a webmaster.


The revised Standing Orders were circulated.  The Chair proposed that these be adopted.  This was seconded by Miss S Cave and agreed by those present.  It was agreed that this item be revisited in 6 months.  Thanks were expressed to Mr P Seaman.


Following a short discussion it was proposed by Mrs E Lee that Parish Councillors claim £25 per annum to assist with the costs or printing etc.  This was seconded by Miss J Tamblyn and agreed by those present.


Clerks salary and expenses               £285.35

Mrs Anderson                                    £100.00

Village Hall                                          £  14.00

D Hilton                                               £  10.00

D Hilton PAYE                                    £  63.60

B Harper                                              £  84.00

BTE Services                                      £126.16

Lanreath Village Hall                          £300.00 (annual donation)


Bank Balance

      Current Account                £  520.99

            Deposit Account          £4488.56                   

            Treasurers Account    £      2.24



Mrs E Lee proposed that the cheques be paid on block and that £1000 be transferred. This was seconded by Mr J Williams and agreed by those present.


Cllr Pugh reported on the following:

  • Punch Bowl – Mrs S Pipe has spoken to SBC Property agents dealing with the Punch Bowl.  Despite a number of viewings, no offers yet received
  • Electoral Review – no change.  Lanreath will remain within the Liskeard/Dobwalls area
  • Shredder at Connon Bridge has been in operation for almost a month.  No complaints have been received
  • Each Community Network Area will receive £50,000 for highways, £6,000 for each parish.  A TRO is going to be paid for by Cornwall Council.  Parish Councillors to consider issues within the parish that could be added to this
  • Emergency Planning Officer from Cornwall Council attended the recent Community Network Area meeting.  As the parish has experienced issues with snow and ice in recent years, it was suggested that this be placed on the July agenda.


Japanese Knotweed has been reported within the village.  The Chair will report.

Resurfacing of the road to Bodinnick – this is on the schedule of work to be carried out.

Traffic has recently been queueing to get into Connon Bridge due to moving of equipment.


14. Any Other Business

Clerk to give Mrs Marion Facey an up-to-date list of Parish Councillors.

Mr Meatyard commented on the lack of signage to Lerryn. 


15. Public Participation

No additional items


16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 17th July 2018 at 7.30pm. 




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