Sunday, 18th of March 2018
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 19th May2015 

Present:Mr A Facey, Mr R Pugh, Mrs E Lee, Miss J Tamblyn, Miss S Cave,Mrs P Gorman, County Cllr. J Candy

In the absence of the Chair, R Pugh welcomed everyone to the May meeting.  Miss J Tamblyn declared an interest in planning application number PA15/02287.

1. Apologies
  1. Apologies were receivedP Godfrey and PCSO Cocks.
2. Annual Election of Parish Council
• Chair – the clerk asked for nominations for Chair.  Mrs E Lee proposed Mr R Pugh.  This was seconded by Miss S Cave.  Mrs Pugh accepted this nomination and all voted in favour.
• Vice-Chair – Mr R Pugh proposed Mrs S Pipe.  This was seconded by Mrs E Lee and all voted in favour.  (Mrs Pipe to confirm that she is happy with this nomination).
• Village Hall representative – Mr R Pugh proposed Mr A Facey.  This was seconded by Mrs E Lee and all voted in favour.
• Amenities – Mrs E Lee proposed Mrs S Pipe.  This was seconded by Miss S Cave and all voted in favour.
• Mini-Bus – Miss S Cave proposed Mr R Pugh.  This was seconded by Mrs E Lee and all voted in favour.
• Shop and Post Office – it was agreed that Mrs S Rawlins report to Parish Council meetings during the year.
3. Public Participation

Police – The clerk read an e-mail received from PCSO Cocks reporting that from 1st to 30th April there had been no crime in the parish. Numerous patrols have taken place and all has been in order.

4. Minutes of meeting held on 21st April 2015

The minutes of the meeting held on 21st April 2015 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

(Mr A Facey joined the meeting.)

5. Matters Arising
• Millennium building – the clerk read a letter received from Mr John Feesey enclosing a quote for the repair of the ceiling, and asking if the Parish Council would donate towards the cost.  It was agreed that the clerk write to Mr Feesey stating that in principle the Parish Council will help support the cost but would like further quotes to be obtained prior to the next parish Council meeting.  This will then be discussed as an agenda item at the June meeting.
• School fence – A Facey reported that he has asked Mr Anderson go proceed with the work.
• Moss Parking – the clerk reported that PCSO Cocks has spoken with Moss.

6. Neighbourhood Plan

Mr Peter Bartram and Mr Lawrence Barnes from Deviock were welcomed to the meeting.  Mr Barnes has been working on the Neighbourhood Plan for Deviock and gave the following information:-

• This is a long process
• Neighbourhood Plan designed to replace the parish plans
• It will be a Cornwall planning document
• The wishes of the parishioners are embodied in the planning process e.g transport, facilities etc.
• Objectives are what is wanted in Lanreath over the next 15 years
• Need to ensure you consult the people of the parish and document meetings etc.
• Must ensure you ‘tick all the boxes’ as you need a plan that is watertight
• Do not want to have a plan that can be legally challenged
• All evidence and documentation will need to be submitted with the draft plan
• Need for regular communication with the parish either via newsletter, website, posters etc.
• Need to visit outlying areas of the parish
• Outside consultants were used at Deviock
• Deviock received approximately 25% feedback from parishioners
• Neighbourhood plan is also important for people conducting business within the parish
• Well connected people are important to the committee

The Chair thanked Mr Barnes for attending the meeting and Mr Bartram for his continued work on the project.

7. Defibrillator

The clerk read an e-mail received from Mrs Marion Facey confirming that the application for the defibrillator to the British Heart Foundation has been successful.  This item can now be removed from the agenda.

8. Play area

The clerk read an e-mail received from Lydia Hickisson stating that it was not sure whether planning permission for the proposed play area would be required.  Cllr Candy agreed to check on this.

9. Correspondence

All correspondence was noted.  

10. Planning

PA15/02287 – Proposed erection of holiday accommodation including 2 log cabins and 2 timber decks for yurts, with associated works – Tregrove Farm  Lanreath – Mr and Mrs A Jefferson

Concerns were expressed regarding the access.  Following discussion, it was agreed that this application be APPROVED but with the rider that the Parish Council would like to see the Highways report into the access on to the Bodinnick road and into the farm.

11. Wind turbine – update

Mr R Pugh updated the meeting as follows:-

Wilton – no change

Bocaddon – still in the High Court of appeal, awaiting a decision

Carwen – a decision has still not been received from the inspector

Furzedown – High Court on 30th June.

Mrs E Lee asked if anything further was known regarding the telephone mast at Highgate.  Mr R Pugh agreed to chase this.

12. Annual Accounts

The clerk provided details of the annual accounts for the year ending 31st March 2015.  The accounts have been audited and approved.  The accounts were accepted by the Parish Council.  The Chair signed the annual return.

13. Finance

Clerks salary and expenses£316.90 

Mrs Anderson£100.00

Village Hall£  14.00

D Hilton£  10.00 

D Hilton PAYE£  47.60

EDF£  38.40

South West Water£  33.34

Ken Abraham – auditor£  90.00


Lanreath Village Hall£300.00

Bank Balance

     Current Account£    £   587.84 

Deposit Account£13530.26(includes £2289.57 Lanreath Youth Project)

Treasurers Account£        2.24



Mr A Facey proposed that the cheques be paid on blockand that £2000 be transferred into the Current Account.  This was seconded by Miss Cave and agreed by those present. 

14. County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Candy reported that at the full Council meeting today, Mr John Pollard had been re-elected as Leader.  For the first time in the history of Cornwall Council, there are ladies in the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair.

Mrs P Gorman asked if Cornwall has received, or will receive, any funding from the £4.7million Transparency fund.  If so, could the Parish Council apply for funding.  Cllr Candy agreed to look into this and will report back via the clerk.

15. Parish Problems
• Mrs E Lee reported that there is a large pothole appearing very close to the one at the Trebant turning.
• Mr A Facey commented that the trees at South Park are causing problems as there is not the required 17’ clearance.
• The lane at Woodsaws Cross has some large potholes.

Cllr Candy agreed to look into these issues.

Mrs P Gorman asked if transparency should be included in the minutes.  It was agreed that this will be put on the agenda for the June meeting.

16. Any Other Business

There was none.

17. Public Participation

There was none.

18. Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 16th June 2015 at 7.40 p.m. (Apologies received in advance from Mrs P Gorman).

The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

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