Friday, 15th of November 2019
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Church History

Remembrance Day in Lanreath

remembrance day lanreath

remembrance day Lanreath

Lnreath Church western elevation

Until the early 7th century AD Cornwall was part of the Celtic fringe of Britain. The various tribes often found an excuse to declare war on each other, and even the coming of the Romans had little effect on the existing lifestyle.

However, during the 7th century Christianity began to assert itself, and the old ways gradually changed. It was around this time that St. Piran is said to have arrived in Cornwall. Records indicate that a church of sorts was built on the present site as far back as the eighth century but it was not until the Normans arrived in the latter part of the 11th century that the basis of the existing church came into being.

Most of the present Church is the result of much rebuilding and additional works, but the original north wall and transept still exist, as do the font and a small stone Altar.

Much of the subsequent history of the church is steeped in the Reformation, the Civil Wars and the Restoration of the Monarchy in the mid 17th century. This is all recorded in a very readable booklet written by Rosemary Pollock, a local amateur historian, with some illustrations by her mother Ida. It also includes a written 'walk around' of the present building. Priced at £1.50, it is available in the Church.

church 7

From The Southeast


From The Northeast


Main Entrance - in South Wall


A vertical Sundial above the main door

 church notice board

Notice board


The Norman Font

 font wooden head

Ornate carving on the font cover

 north aisle

The North Aisle

 north roof

Roof structure over the North aisle

 norman altar

The Norman Altar

 south aisle

The South Aisle

 bell ringers

Not as easy as it looks!

 north wall

Part of the original North Wall

 war memorial

Lanreath War Memorial

 war memorial

Old roof - Jan 1993


Finished - Sept 1993

 roof  roof

Hiding a time capsule in the roof - Cool!


Thanks to Ralph for the pictures

 roof  roof



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