Thursday, 21st of November 2019
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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History of Lanreath

Court Barton

Court Barton

Punch Bowl Inn

The Punch Bowl Inn (1951) showing the Idris Jenkins (landlord) family, and their friends from Liverpool, the Williams - Brian Williams supplied the photograph.
The notice on the left reads, ‘This is Lanreath. Historically interesting and famous for it’s church, inn, maypole, and the setting of a well known film. Research into the last comment has shown that the film in question was called “Daughter of Darkness” which was made in 1947 and released a year later.
Filming took place at Court Barton, and maybe elsewhere over a two-day period. The stars were the beautiful Anne Crawford, who died aged 35 after making 24 films, Maxwell Reed, the first husband of Joan Collins, and Siobjan McKenna, who went on to star as St Joan. It also featured Honor Blackman in her first film role, and later famous for the 1964 Bond film, playing Pussy Galore, and the TV series The Avengers. A local resident, Gerald Facey, then aged 12, recalls skipping church one Sunday to watch them filming sheep shearing in the grounds of Court Barton, and no doubt received clip across the ear from his father for doing so.

studying the history of Lanreath

Studying The History of Lanreath

Bury Down Bury Down

Bury Down - Iron Age Hill Fort

Giant's Hedge

Jack The Giant Had Nothing To Do, So He Built A Hedge Between Lerryn And Looe

The Hedge runs to the North and East of Lanreath, on the outskirts of the village

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